A little about me

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Hi, I am Marybeth. Firstly thank you so much for taking time to visit my website and find out more about my services - I am so pleased you are here! I am a bridal hair expert and make up specialist based near the borders of Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire but I cover all of the South West and beyond. 

Why I do what I do ...

 Although I love all aspects of my work, my happy place and focus has to be bridal hair and make up. It is such a compliment and honour to me when a bride allows me to be part of her wedding day. My mission is to go above and beyond, so that every bride of mine looks back on their wedding morning, with memories of feeling absolutely beautiful, happy, cared for and like they always dreamt of. Wedding days can be the happiest day of a persons life so, what can be better than witnessing that lovely joy over and over and for work, which is why I love what I do.  

How I started my journey ...

My career journey started as a little girl, playing around with my friends hair. I went on to qualify in hairdressing, beauty and holistic therapy with my private training being held at the renowned London Hair Academy, Marvell Hair Academy and reputable Helen McGuinness beauty school. I also gained invaluable salon experience in both hair and beauty. Then I proudly ventured out on my own and I have never looked back. A friend asked me one day to do her hair for a party and I LOVED creating her style and so, that was it, I had found my passion there and then!

I now love to create styles that are romantic, boho and classic but all with a modern twist.

Further training have I done ...

I love to improve my skills by attending courses, working on photoshoots with amazing wedding suppliers, attending workshops and masterclasses from some of the most inspirational and successful talent in the industry, which is always great fun! I am super excited to be learning more styling with the amazing Hannah Taylor and Lisa Alger, both well known in the industry for being the best in bridal hair. I was super excited to be the winner of Hannah Taylors first hair styling competition at the start of 2021, which i am thrilled about! This training allows my skills to be adaptable from classic to current trends, which in an ever changing industry is so important. It also allows me to have the knowledge of amazing products, how to work with and prepare different hair types, textures and lengths. I achieve the best possible results and give my brides the reassurance their hair will look beautiful and stay in place all day long!

My interests outside of work ...

In my spare time I love making memories with the two men in my life, my wonderful husband and beautiful little boy that we both cherish so much. I live with gratitude in my heart and by thinking the glass is always half full! I also love seeing family and friends, visiting historic places, watching lots of comedy and listening to motivational talks for inspiration and insight into this crazy yet wonderful world we are in!

What makes me different to other stylists?

My PROMISE to my brides is that from the moment they enquire to the moment they walk down the Isle, they have my 100% dedication, attention, care and professionalism.

My career so far has given me profound confidence in my skills, a deeper insight into the vast industry, a lot of happiness and the passion to be able to provide a bespoke service which my brides love. 

I think my individual personality, care, effort and the dedication I put into my work makes me stand out from others. It is about who YOU would like there on your wedding morning, who has the knowledge, skills and inputs the most into their business and training to give YOU the results your looking for. Who would make you feel relaxed knowing your in reliable hands on one of the most important days of your life.

I am a friendly, positive and motivated person, with extensive experience and knowledge which allows me to deliver outstanding results and guidance to all my brides.

Most importantly, I CARE. I want to leave you walking down the Isle, knowing that in years to come your memories of how beautiful you felt as a bride, are feelings that you will cherish forever. ♥

If you are reading this and think to yourself... that is what I want then feel free to get in touch so we can chat!

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Marybeth xxx