When do I need to wash my hair?

My answer to this one is do whatever makes you feel comfortable. I have fantastic products that I use so freshly washed hair is not a problem but if you can leave your hair a day/overnight then please do so. I offer a blow dry and hair styling option for my brides and a hair styling option on its own. If you are having the hairstyling option only, please make sure your hair is as smooth as possible and blow dry your hair with a round brush yourself if you can. This helps to close the hair cuticles creating a smoother finish ready for the styling. All the relevant information will be sent to you once your booked in.

Do you do hair or make up first?

This very much depends on the chosen hairstyle and we will go through this at your trial.


How many bridal party members can you fit in?

This all depends on the chosen services, timings and complexity of the styles wanted. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. I can recommend fantastic make up artists if I am doing hair only.

Will you stay to put in my veil?

YES! Absolutely! Once I am finished I will be on hand until I am not needed anymore and you set off to get married. I will place your veil in for you and also show a bridal party member how to remove it.

What do I need for my hair and make up trial?

I would suggest having someone with you, who's opinion you trust, perhaps a maid of honour, mum or close friend. We will be in good communication and I will send you an email with all the trial prep information once you have booked in. It is very helpful to have your dress or at least an idea of the style you are after. I come to you for your trial and all i need is a space with electric sockets nearby and a well lit room is helpful. 

Do you travel?

Yes. I travel to all my clients as i am fully mobile. Travel costs are free within a 20 mile radius of Frome, Somerset. Thereafter is charged at 0.50p per mile.

What style of make up would you describe you do?

I would describe the make up looks I create as elegantly soft bridal with a hint of glam. As much as i like the full face, full on glam looks, they are not my style. I prefer a make up look that enhances the natural beauty of my brides. It would be better seeking a make up artist that would suit you more if you were wanting a full face of full glam make up, which can look lovely! I have contacts of make up artists that create that kind of look more and they do amazing work!  


Do you use false lashes?

Yes i do. However I highly suggest getting eyelash extensions for your big day. Most of the time they last for your honeymoon too if its shortly after the wedding. If you do get eyelash extensions then as with ANY new product to you, have a trial of them first, around 4 weeks before your wedding day, so you can make sure you are not allergic or have any reactions. Same applies with any new hair colours or anything to do with skincare.

Do you offer group discounts? Where can i find your prices?

My prices can be found on the wedding section of my website. I do not offer discounts for larger bridal parties. My prices are very reasonable for the skill level, care, knowledge and work i put into each wedding i do. 

I do offer a few packages that include a discount which can be found again, on the weddings section.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me.



Do I need to wash my hair before you arrive?

Only wash your hair before i arrive if you are having a blow dry or I have cut your hair before. With new clients and restyle cuts, it is important i see your hair dry so that i know how it sits, so i can plan the cut more. All colour appointments do not need hair washed, if it has been washed within less than 3 days prior. All hair washing i ask my clients to do themselves but i can help if needed.

What space and things do you need?

I bring all my own equipment and products. All i need is a good space, a low backed chair and access to electrical sockets.


How long are appointments?

This all depends on the chosen services, timings vary for each one. I can let you know a time frame when you book.

Do i need a colour patch test?

YES! It is essential to make sure the client has no reaction to the product.

Do you work in the evenings and weekends?

Yes i do. I have a family so this works well around that for me to. Hours can be given on request.

Do you travel?

Yes. I travel to all my clients as i am fully mobile. Travel costs are free within a 20 mile radius of Frome, Somerset. Thereafter is charged at 0.50p per mile.

Do you need a parking space?

  Yes preferably. If there is not a space then please let me know upon booking. 


Do you take a booking fee?

Booking fees

For all bookings I require a non refundable booking fee via BACS, payable at the time of booking. Booking fees are as follows:


Cuts only   £15.00

 Colours     £20.00

Weddings   £50.00


The booking fee comes off the total for services at the end of your appointment. If you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours notice for ANY reason, the booking fee will not be refunded. The booking fee is fully refundable with 48 hours notice or more, or in the unlikely event I cannot attend your appointment. 

I am aware life throws obstacles at us but the booking fee is there to protect my income, self employed business, time, lost wage, products and most importantly paid childcare arrangements. 

For existing clients, thank you so much for your understanding and support. 

For new clients I offer a free consultation before booking. I always discuss the process, what’s achievable with the individual client and I’m always happy to explain what I am doing and why. In fact - I love to explain it!

Do you stock products i can buy?

At the moment no but it is something I am looking into.

I can suggest items though.

I struggle to brush my hair when its wet,

what should i do?

Invest in a Tangle Teezer brush. Ebay, Amazon or most drug/supermarket stores will have them to purchase. It's an item of mine I would take to a desert island! Brush from ends to roots. Never roots to ends as this can cause tension damage.

Read my blog for more conditioning tips!

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